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Glove Master x000

PE Glove equipment; designed and Manufactured by EMP engineers

The Glove Master Series of EMP equipment offers various levels of Servo Automation.

Glove Master 1000 - AC Induction Motor with VFD Controls act as the main drive of the GM1000. Web length and position are maintained through an EMP Double Differential Transmission and PIV, with corrections being sent from the EMP Model 250. Unwind tension is maintained and adjusted with a Zero-Max. All controls are push-button type.

Glove Master 2000 - Series 1100 Registration System eliminates the DDT/PIV system while driving the Knife and Die section. Similar to the 1000, VFD controls are used as the main drive and a Zero-Max controls unwind tension. Registration Controls utilize a 7" Touch Screen.

Glove Master 4000 - Separate Servo motors are used to drive the die section(1 or 2 station), Unwind Tension Roller, and Knife section. Other improvements include a Guided Web Threader, Ultra-Sonic Unwind Monitoring with low-web alerts, heat sensors to actively monitor and control die temperature, and a Automatic Unwind Lift stand capable of handling rolls 300+ pounds. The safety improvements incorporated into the GM4000 are sure to impress any OSHA inspector!