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F.L. Smithe PHP Servo Retro-Fit

Intuitive Software and Improved Motor Capability on your existing F.L. Smithe Programmed Hydraulic Press (PHP)

By replacing the existing control system on your FL Smithe PHP machine, your operation can benefit from quicker setups, faster operating speeds and increased productivity. A typical installation lasts 3 days, during which time we substitute the existing electrical components with the following equipment:

  • 12" Windows XP Pro Touchscreen with Custom EMP User Interface
    • Software developed in conjunction with experienced PHP operators simplifies and expedites the setup and operating procedures
    • Intel® Atom™ process N270 1.6GHz CPU
    • 802.11b/g Wireless LAN
      • Show My PC to EMP Capability
  • Brushless DC Servo Motors
    • Increases accuracy, speed and control
    • Coupled directly to your machine
      • No belts, pulleys or maintenance
    • Nearly doubles the RPMs while maintaining smooth, efficient movements
  • Motion Controller
    • Sample times as low as 31 microseconds per axis