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Positive Infinitely Variable (PIV) Transmission Replacement

Replace your PIV Transmission with a low-cost, accurate Servo system today!

Patented in 1924 by G.J. Abbot (Patent # 1,601,622), Positive Infinitely Variable (PIV) Transmissions allow the ratio between the input and output RPMs to be considerably varied. This technology was quickly adopted for speed control, length adjustments, product placement and many other applications worldwide.

Though the PIV Transmission was revolutionary for its day, it has since been overtaken by Servo Motion Control technology. PIVs require frequent adjusting, are inaccurate compared to Servos, and can only be adjusted while running. These disadvantages lead to wasted material and unnecessary maintenance. 

The EMP PIV Replacement Kit is a simple installation that allows your existing PIV-based equipment to benefit from the latest in Motion Control technology. The package is competitively priced near the cost of a re-built or new PIV, allowing for a simple cost justification. EMP sells PIV Replacement kits in HP ratings of 1.5, 2.5, 5 and above for special systems, call today to recieve a quote!