Our industrial grade encoders provide your system with the durability it needs to consistently operate the way it should.

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The ever increasing operating speeds of today demand an encoder that is durable and resistent to vibration, shaft run-out and axial movement. Our encoders feature a robust dual-bearing design and an overhang load capability that is 3x the industry average to compensate for these common issues and to prevent any unnecessary encoder related downtimes.

All EMP Encoders carry a one-year warranty and are 100% plant tested. Our dual-bearing encoders are shock resistant and available in the following sizes:

Overview of EMP's Incremental Encoders
Housing Diameter Shaft Size  Line Count Bearings
1.5" 1/4"  1024 (standard)see Features Section for other options Two (2) single Row Radial Bearings
2.5" 3/8"
3.5" 3/8"

For technical specifications, please refer to our Features section or give us a call at 631-434-3700. 

Encoder Specifications
Supply Voltage Required 4.5V - 5.5V
Supply Current Required 60 mA Zero Load
Available Line Counts 32, 50, 96, 100, 110, 120, 192, 20, 250, 256, 360, 400, 500, 512, 540, 720, 900, 1000, 1016, 1024(standard), 1250
Housing Options Anodized Aluminum, Nickel Finish, Stainless Steel
Shaft Sizes

     3/8" on size 25 and 35 Encoders

1/4" on Size 15 Encoder

Special Sizes upon Request


5VDC ± 10%

5-26VDC (not avail. in all resolutions)

Output Standard TTL, Line Driver, Open Collector(not avail. in all resolutions)
Connector Options

Standard 12 foot pigtail, as well as 7 or 10 pin connectors in single ended and differential output, with or without index pulses.

Enclosure Options IP54, NEMA 6, IP66, IP67 (Food Grade Available Upon Request)
Mounting Options Flange Mount, Servo Mount


Aside from the durable housing, the EMP encoder features optical components as well as two bearings to increase its ruggedness.

Encoder Dimensions
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Waterproof Encoder Dimensions
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